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With so many Cotswold attractions, we feel a little spoilt for choice...

There are lots of attractions and plenty of things to do in the Cotswolds for all ages - take a look at our What To Do finder (in the orange search box on the right) or our list of Cotswold attractions in the drop-down list (in the menu on the left)  - and see what takes your fancy!  


Visit Tewkesbury Heritage Centre, this superbly restored 17th century building (once a shop selling hats) is home to our innovative centre.  Using our state of the art portable guides and interactive games you can get a taste of our fascinating local history and discover our beautiful architectural heritage.  A wander through this charming building will take you from Tewkesbury’s earliest settlers, through the Wars of the Roses, the Civil War and the industrial revolution and into the present day. The heritage centre is perfect for families, day visitors, groups or educational trips as well as architecture, history and restoration enthusiasts. 


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