Cotswold Cottages Make an Enjoyable Holiday

Feel at home with country living in Cotswold cottages this holiday. For families or couples looking for extra privacy, Cotswold cottages are the ideal getaway. Prepare fresh bounty from farm markets in your cottage kitchen, whilst sipping fine wine and listening to relaxing music. Reserve your private holiday cottage and enjoy all the comforts of home in the beautiful Cotswold countryside.

There are several Cotswold cottages to choose from so find one based on what you plan to do and the places you wish to visit on your holiday. From the north to the southern end of the area, Cotswold cottages are as diverse as the visitors seeking a retreat in the country:

• Glebe Farm Holiday Cottages are set in a farm environment within the heart of the Cotswold
• Broadway Manor Cottages are 16th century stone cottages and apartments, only steps away from beautiful Broadway
• Railway Cottages are the ideal lodging choice for exploring the Gloucestershire area
• 1 Meon View in North Cotswolds is a lovely area for long walks and a visit to the Shakespeare theatre

From a charming cottage in the heart of town to lodging in the country, Cotswold cottages are a unique way to enjoy the area. Open your mind and spirit to your next stay in one of these magnificent Cotswold cottages.

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Cotswold Cottages - Historical Storybook Style

Cotswold cottages have a unique, storybook style, often replicated in other areas of the world.  What makes Cotswold cottages so special? Typically Cotswold cottages are made from a special stone, excavated in the Cotswold countryside quarries. Special features you can find in many Cotswold cottages include:

• Sloping, pseudo thatched roof
• Strong siding made from brick or stone.
• Steep cross gables
• Asymmetrical designs
• Irregularly shaped rooms
• Sloped walls in upper dormers

Other names for Cotswold cottages include storybook style, Hansel and Gretel cottage, Tudor cottage, English country cottage and Anne Hathaway cottage.

Although other areas of the world attempt to re-create Cotswold cottages, we offer “the real thing” in the Cotswold countryside.

Learn more about Cotswolds Cottages by contacting your local Cotswolds Tourism Information Centre.

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