As the country prepares to mark the end of one of the bloodiest conflicts in living memory, across the Cotswolds events and exhibitions are planned to mark the centenary of the end of WWI – there are all sorts of ways of making this a time to remember.

We Remember 1918 in Cirencester Market Place
A commemorative concert, We Remember 1918 coordinated by the Barn Theatre will be held to celebrate the end of the First World War on the evening of Armistice Day on 11 November where the local community will pay tribute to those that gave so much.  It will include the creation of the UK’s largest human poppy in Cirencester Market Square prior to the evening event and the concert will involve numerous people of all ages, professional performers and Barn Academy students in a spectacularly exciting tribute not to be missed. 
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Charles Paget Wade & Snowshill Manor
Discover how Charles Paget Wade found his future Snowshill Manor home while serving in World War I in the Royal Engineers.  Famous for his moving pencil and coloured sketches documenting the horrors of the Great War and a series of imagined gardens, Charles Paget Wade saw an advert for the historic Cotswold manor house in Country Life while in the trenches!  He bought it in 1919 and the rest – as they say – is history.
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'Making Art Matter: Clifford and Rosemary Ellis' at the Victoria Art Gallery
If you’ve ever wondered what the historic city of Bath looked like during WWII, visit ‘Making Art Matter: Clifford and Rosemary Ellis’ at the Victoria Art Gallery.  Renowned for designing iconic posters for London Transport and Shell, Clifford and Rosemary also captured city life during the war.  As part of the wartime ‘Recording Britain’ project, Clifford was commissioned to depict the decorative ironwork on Bath’s buildings, as the Ministry of Works was removing the iron to help the war effort. The Ellises also created watercolours of bomb damaged buildings and VE Day celebrations in Bath.
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Oxfordshire Remembers 1914-18 at the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum
The Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock is closing out the centenary of the Great War with the Oxfordshire Remembers 1914-18 exhibition, which charts the impact of the war for Oxfordshire and the key moments for the county's two regiments. Using narratives and artefacts previously untold and unseen, personal stories blend with the world's account of the First World War.
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Winchombe Museum event in the Methodist Church on Sunday 4 November
Winchcombe Museum
will host a concert of songs, readings and dancing to commemorate the end of the Great War on Sunday 4 November in the Methodist Church.  Winchcombe Remembers will pay tribute both to those who died as well as those who served in and survived the war.
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Wotton under Edge
The Wotton under Edge Museum
will be commemorating the centenary of the Great War with an exhibition recalling the enlistment of the soldiers and the events thereafter.  114 men from the area were lost and their names have been assembled over 30 years along with artefacts, letters, photos and other documents.  The exhibition runs until 31 December.
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