Data and Strategy

  1. Destination Management Plan
    Find out about the Cotswolds Tourism Partnership's cohesive approach to destination management.
  2. Information and links to national and local tourism facts and figures
    Tourism facts and figures from Cotswolds Tourism
  3. The website
    Web traffic statistics for the website
  4. Social media
    Information on Cotswolds Tourism's social media channels
  5. Cotswolds Economic Impact Assessment
    Find out the value and volume of the Cotswolds' tourism industry.
  6. The latest Cotswolds Destination Report from VisitEngland
    The Cotswolds Destination Report from VisitEngland providing a snapshot of the visitor behaviour, loyalty, satisfaction and perceptions.
  7. TXGB
    TXGB is a digital marketplace, brought to you by VisitEngland. It offers tourism businesses the opportunity to diversify their distribution, and gives distributors the ability to choose from a wide range of bookable tourism product, to add to their programmes.
  8. Useful links
    Useful contact information for neighbouring destinations and organisations offering business support & information
  9. Tstats
    Sign up for a free online tool, T-Stats, which allows businesses to collect and process a huge range of information including accommodation occupancy, visitor numbers and events attendance with associated revenue figures.