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Woolsack event

May Half Term Events and Activities

May in the Cotswolds is full of vibrant spring colours that paint the Cotswolds' landscape. It's the ideal moment to plan your family escape! Here is our guide on the places to go this May Half-Term.

The Merry Month of May

The Merry Month of May

May is the full moon of  Cotswold quirkiness as grown men and women lug wool sacks uphill, roll cheeses downhill, push each other round in prams while wearing pyjamas, dance in bowler hats with bells on their legs (accompanied by someone with a fruitcake on a sword?!?) and kick each other’s shins!

The Scuttlebrook Wake - just one of the Cotswolds' quirky events (photo by Terry Morgan)

Mad about the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds has some wonderfully quirky events: lugging wool sacks uphill; chasing cheeses downhill; wearing nightshirts and pushing each other around in prams; kicking shins; dropping sticks in rivers; throwing sticks at dolls; and dancing in bowler hats with someone with a fruitcake on a sword?!?!