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    Historic houses, archaeological sites, museums, churches - everything a history lover could want to discover!
  2. Trace the Romans in the Cotswolds

    The Roman legions arrived in England in 43AD and stayed for the next 350 years - unsurprisingly many traces remain, some definitely more immediately obvious than others...

  3. Blenheim Palace aerial photo
    A visit to Blenheim Palace offers an unforgettable experience. It’s a chance to share the splendours of Baroque architecture, to wonder at the collections of art, tapestry and antiques, and to explore the Park and Gardens and discover landscapes crafted by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. Whether enjoying a day visit to this magnificent home to the Dukes of Marlborough and birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, or as a regular visitor able to appreciate the changing seasons and an annual programme of historical and cultural events, you will be sure to feel enriched by the Blenheim Palace experience. Britain’s Greatest Palace.
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  4. Corinium Museum, Cirencester
    Discover the treasures of the Cotswolds as you explore its history at this Award Winning Museum. Home to one of the largest collections of Romano-British antiquities extensively from Corinium, Roman Britain's second largest city.
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  5. Tewkesbury Abbey
    Tewkesbury Abbey is a parish church of cathedral proportions tucked in the middle of the bustling market town of Tewkesbury. It contains many interesting features and should not be missed.
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  6. Sunset over the Rollright Stones (image by James Harwood)
    The Rollright Stones are a group of prehistoric megalithic monuments built from large natural boulders found within about 500m of the site. The stones are naturally pitted, giving them extraordinary shapes.
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  7. Some of the best prehistoric remains to see in the Cotswolds - pictured are the Three Shires Stones

    Archaeologists and TimeTeam addicts apart, terms like stone, bronze and iron age just conjure up images of mysterious lumps and bumps across the Cotswold countryside with a scattering of intriguing standing stones. Discover some of the best in the Cotswolds…

  8. Broadway Tower
    William Morris used this extraordinary folly on the Cotswold Ridge. You too can enjoy its spectacular views, architecture and setting.
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