Child in a play park chasing a bubble

Run, jump and play in Oxfordshire!

Calling all families and adventure seekers! Oxfordshire is home to a huge variety of play areas that will ignite the kid’s imagination, fill your day with laughter and create unforgettable memories.

Ducks in water

Duck Detectives

Spot a swan, recognize a ring-neck, point out a pochard!

Candles and reed diffuser from Cotswold Candle Co

Light up your life

I’m not sure we ever need an excuse to light a candle or two: candles are one of those everyday luxuries that everyone can enjoy. But take advantage of the darker autumn evenings, pull the curtains and light some candles for an indulgent sensory experience. Discover some of the great local Oxfordshire candle makers waiting to light up your life…

Beers from Little Ox Brew Co

Crafty local brewers

The last couple of decades have seen a huge surge of interest in craft brewing and Oxfordshire has certainly got its share of wonderful micro breweries, all intensely local and driven by individual experimenting. Here are just some of the wonderful craft breweries in Oxfordshire…

St Oswald's Church at Widford (photo Helena Sylvester)