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  1. The trail map and a compass
    Treasure trails to explore the beauty, history and heritage of the Cotswolds. Have fun exploring the Cotswolds by car following trail directions and answering questions and clues.
    1. 1 Jan 202431 Dec 2024
  2. Logo
    Using a modern take (MK26B ) on the iconic Spitfire, the project is building 15 aircraft, each Spitfire paying tribute to the many who were involved in this fabulous aircraft
    1. Oxford Bus Museum
      A museum containing 30 preserved buses dating back to 1913, an 1881 horse drawn tram, the Morris Motors Museum with vehicles from 1925 to 1977 and 45 vintage bicycles dating back to 1817.
      1. 1 Jan 000131 Dec 9999
      2. 3 Jul 202429 Aug 2024
      3. 1 Jan 202419 Dec 2024
    2. North Leigh Roman Villa ruins
      The remains of a large and well-built Roman courtyard villa facing south east over the Evenlode valley. The most important feature is a near complete mosaic floor, which can be seen through a viewing window. This is an English Heritage site with access at any reasonable time.
      1. 1 Jan 202431 Dec 2024
    3. A collection of Aston Martin cars
      The heart of this museum is the cars! The vehicle collection ranges from A3 - the oldest surviving Aston Martin in the world - through definitive models from every era to cars of today.
      1. 1 Jan 202431 Dec 2024
    4. The models at Pendon
      Pendon recaptures scenes from the English countryside as it was in the 1920s and 1930s using exquisite models to explain a past era and a different way of life.
    5. Combe Mill
      A 19th century sawmill with rare working steam beam engine and waterwheel. Other small steam engines and model engines. Rural artefacts, visiting craftsmen and working forge
      1. 18 Mar 202431 Oct 2024
    6. A family of 5 sits inside a mock up of a Horsa glider, the type used on D-Day, while wearing miliatry-style costumes.
      Oxfordshire's dedicated military history museum, telling stories of local people involved in conflicts throughout history.
      1. 1 Jan 202431 Dec 2024
    7. A group of museum volunteers dressed up in period costumes
      At the Vale & Downland, you’ll discover so much more than a museum! From fossils to a Formula One racing car, we have objects and stories to fascinate all ages.
      1. 1 Jan 202431 Dec 2024
    8. Burford Tolsey Museum & Archive
      Exhibits quaintly recall the trades that flourished here - quarrying, bell-founding, rope-making, brewing, farming, leather-working and clarinet-making. There is also a famous doll's house, furnished in style of the Jane Austen period.
      1. 1 Jan 202431 Dec 2024
    9. Charlbury Museum
      Charlbury Museum is an independent museum, run entirely by volunteers. Its five rooms are crammed with exhibits revealing the history of this ancient market town. There is plenty here to interest both adults and children.
      1. 26 Mar 202430 Sep 2024
    10. Chipping Norton Museum of Local History
      An independent museum located on the first floor of the 19th century Chipping Norton Co-op Society Meeting Hall and run by the local history society.
      1. 19 Mar 202431 Oct 2024
    11. Swinford Museum
      Tools and artefacts relating to domestic life and rural trades and crafts that are particular to this Cotswold village.
      1. Child and dinosaur
        A large 18th century house, home to the County’s collections. Explore Oxfordshire’s story from the Jurassic period through to Anglo-Saxons and Victorians to modern day. Garden Café, Museum Gift Shop & Gardens.
        1. 1 Jan 202431 Dec 2024
      2. Witney Museum
        A local history museum highlighting the changes that have taken place in Witney over the last 1,000 years.
        1. 1 Apr 202431 Oct 2024
      3. The ruins at Wayland's Smithy
        Wayland's Smithy is a popular destination for young history enthusiasts who are fascinated by its ancient origins and the stories surrounding it. Get a glimpse into the lives and beliefs of the people who lived in the area during the Neolithic period!
        Saltridge Woods (Credit: Ken Long)