There's a special joy in spending quality time with your four-legged companion, and what better way to do it than by embarking on "Days Out with the Dog." Whether you have an energetic border collie or a laid-back basset hound, there's an adventure waiting for you and your furry friend.

It’s Coffee Time!

One way to make unforgettable memories with your canine companion is by taking them on a trip to a dog-friendly coffee shop. Not only can you enjoy a delicious cuppa, but your four-legged friend can also soak in the sights, sounds, and smells of a new environment. Lots of coffee shops allow you to bring along your doggy, here a few of our personal favourites: Coffeesmith in Witney, The Old Shed in Charlbury, The Missing Bean Coffee Roasters in Abingdon, the Savoir Fare in Bicester, and last but not least, The OxShed Cafe in Wallingford.

A young puppy sat next to a coffee

Out on the water

Ever wanted to take your dog out on the water? You can hire kayaks from AV Boats who are located in Abingdon and Wallingford. Kayaking with your dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience that allows you both to bond while enjoying the beauty of nature. It can work brilliantly, but it’s not for everyone! If you do decide that you’d like to give this a go, please seek advice beforehand.

Dog sat on a kayak on a lake

Close encounters of the animal kind

The Cotswold Wildlife Park offers visitors a unique opportunity to connect with nature in a captivating setting. This hidden gem, spanning 160 acres of rolling countryside, is a sanctuary for a diverse range of animals from around the world. It's a place where education, conservation, and the sheer joy of experiencing wildlife converge to create a memorable adventure for people of all ages. A few places are off limits for our furry friends, but the park has so many sights and smells that your pooch will be happy all day!

Full steam ahead

Combe Mill is a historic sawmill adjacent to the River Evenlode which is operated as a working hands-on museum. It offers visitors a good insight into what work was like in Victorian times on a rural estate. Combe Mill regularly run ‘steaming events’ where you can see everything in action! Dogs are welcome inside the Mill and the picnic area making this a great day out for you both.

Welcome to Combe Mill sign

Explore the history of the railway

Explore the unique collection of Great Western Railway steam locomotives, carriages, wagons, buildings and small artefacts at Didcot Railway Centre. This is a former Great Western Railway engine shed which today has been converted into a railway museum and preservation engineering site. Well-behaved, training-loving, dogs are welcome at the Centre but they should be kept on a lead at all times.

Go fishing

Love your dog, and love fishing? You can bring your well behaved dog along to Linear Fisheries, near Witney. Celebrating 50 years this year, these are ‘Probably the best day ticket carp waters in the UK!’ The site boasts five waters that range in size from 6 acres to 12 acres, with each lake having its own unique feel. The lakes vary in depth from the relatively shallow Lake-6 to depths of 30ft plus in a couple of the other waters, so there should be fishing to suit every man (or lady) and his/her dog!!

Image of some rods in the water at Linear Fisheries

Step back in time

The remains of North Leigh Roman Villa are set within a peaceful landscape on the banks of the river Evenlode in Oxfordshire. This ‘courtyard villa’ is considered to be one of the larger villas of Roman Britain. It was at its most extensive in the early 4th century, when it included three bath suites, 16 mosaic floors and 11 rooms with under-floor heating. We think this is a very pleasant place to visit if you want a walk and wander with your four-legged friends!

The ruins at North Leigh Roman Villa

Capture the moment

Ever wanted to capture the perfect moment with your pet? Photographs of you playing with your dog, or posing with them will create some fantastic memories and unique pictures. Here in Oxfordshire, there are a few photographers to choose from, here are our favourites: Cotswold Dog Photography in Chipping Norton, Oxford Dog Photography in Witney and The Second Star Photography in Bicester.

A yawning dog with a blue background

It’s time to party!

Whether you’re after a dog birthday party, an adoption party or just want to celebrate your pampered pooch, you can now book an official BrewDog Dog Pawty at BrewDog Oxford! There's no better way to celebrate your dog's special day - with party hats, a card, and a special dog ice-cream sundae - yum!

Three dogs with party hats on

Dogs enrich our lives in countless ways, and sharing dog-friendly experiences is a fantastic way to strengthen the bond between pet and owner. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors, or enjoying a meal together, the possibilities for creating wonderful memories with your furry friend are endless. So, get out there, wag those tails, and make the most of every moment you share with your beloved canine companion. Your dog will thank you with boundless love and affection!




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